Cyrus and Shedrack, from Darby, PA, came to the Masonic Children’s Home in 2019, thanks to financial support from Masons and other donors. Their two older brothers, Techeal and Anthony, joined the program in 2013. Cyrus is 9 years old and attends fourth grade at Bear Creek Elementary School. Shedrack is 13 years old, and he is in the eighth grade at Elizabethtown Middle School. Both boys are well-liked by their peers and have made many friends in the Elizabethtown Area School District.

Below, the boys discuss what they enjoy about living at the children’s home, from the delicious food to meeting new friends.

What is your favorite thing about living at the Masonic Children’s Home?

Cyrus: Meeting new people and the delicious food that Mrs. Mendez [a primary house parent] cooks for us. I’ve also learned how to cook.

Shedrack: Meeting new people and exposure to new experiences and opportunities.

What has it been like going to school in Elizabethtown?

Cyrus: When I first started school, I was nervous, lost, as I thought I might get lost and I didn’t know many people. Since I’m more familiar with my school now, I no longer have those concerns. I like my teachers and my classes. I like playing with my friends, and I especially like recess and gym. I like that we get a good education.

Shedrack: I really like some of the teachers that I’ve had. Right now, my favorite class is English Language Arts. We are currently reading “The Outsiders.”

Have you made friends at school or at the children’s home?

Cyrus: I have many friends at school, and my best friends are Rudy and Emmett (two other residents in his cottage).

Shedrack: I have a lot of friends. I like playing outside with them. Sometimes I hang out with the house parents.

How have the staff at the children’s home supported you?

Cyrus: The house parents help me on a daily basis, and the tutors help me with my studies.

Shedrack: The staff provide structure and routine, so I can focus on bettering myself.

Who do you look up to at the children’s home?

Cyrus: Our older brothers

Shedrack: Our older brothers

What are some of your hobbies?

Cyrus: Playing outside and watching TV – especially Disney+. I really like to play sports, like basketball and football.

Shedrack: Playing video games, reading, playing basketball.

Thanks to those who support the Masonic Children’s Home, Cyrus and Shedrack are able to remain close with their brothers, access a good education, find the support they need and even have time for activities they enjoy. Best of all, their future looks bright.