Parents or guardians interested in enrolling their children are invited to download and fill out the application below.

The Application Process

To apply, parents/guardians can fill out our application form available for download or request an application be mailed. For questions regarding the process, please review our frequently asked questions below, email us at or call 717-367-1121, ext. 33301.

After receiving a completed application form, we will schedule a tour for the child at the children’s home. Once we receive all the child’s information, we’ll schedule a weekend visit. After an evaluation, and upon approving the applicant, the director of children’s services will arrange a date for the child to move into the children’s home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the application process take?

Due to its thoroughness, the process can take several weeks.

Do parents/guardians have to give up legal guardianship of their children?

No. Parents/guardians remain the legal guardians, and after a 30-day initial period, they may arrange visitations on a biweekly basis.

Do parents/guardians have to pay for their children to stay at the children’s home?

No. Generous contributions to the Masonic Villages fund the Masonic Children’s Home, so we do not charge individuals, organizations or the state or federal government for our services.

Are there any reasons the children’s home cannot accept a child?

To best serve all youth within a group setting, we cannot accept children with extreme treatment needs, police involvement or serious behavior issues.

Does a child need to have a Masonic affiliation in the family to live at the children’s home?

No. During the application process, we contact a local lodge to sponsor each child.

The Masonic Children’s Home is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Admissions are approved or disapproved primarily on the basis of need. Decisions concerning admissions, the provision of services and referral of residents are not based upon race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age (where ages 7-18 for admission are met), sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, limited English Proficiency (LEP) or any other protected status.