Care at the Masonic Children’s Home

We provide for the health, social, emotional and educational needs of children in our care.

Life in the Masonic Children’s Home

Staying Healthy

We give special attention to children’s health care needs. Children receive regular dental and physical checkups with local providers and, as needed, may visit the physicians, dentists, ophthalmologists, physical therapists, dermatologists and nurses on campus. We also make referrals to outside facilities, when necessary, so children receive the best care possible.

Gaining Knowledge

Youth may stay at the children’s home throughout their school years. They attend the Elizabethtown Area School District, programs conducted by Intermediate Unit 13 and the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center. We expect students to study each day. If a child needs additional help, certified teachers and college students provide tutoring on campus. Upon graduation, youth receive financial support through the Masonic Charities and the Masonic Homes/Patton School Alumni Association to attain higher education if they choose to do so.

Exploring Interests

Children are encouraged to pursue their own interests and goals. Through school and community recreation and athletic programs, children can choose to participate in a variety of activities. Our campus has basketball and tennis courts, a playground and play areas, a picnic area and fire pit, swimming pools and bike paths. Youth who are interested in art, music, dance and other hobbies may take private lessons. We also organize group trips to enjoy picnics, sports games, amusement parks and vacations. Children may participate in the religious worship of their choice.

Family Matters

Families are important to us. When appropriate, we welcome siblings to move onto our campus together, and invite parent/guardian visitations.

Complimentary Care

The Masonic Children’s Home does not receive state or federal government funding but is able to provide comprehensive services thanks to support from generous donors.

Amenities Include:

  • Attractive, homelike environment
  • Spacious bedrooms
  • Nutritious home-cooked meals
  • Clothing
  • Skilled child care
  • Complete medical and dental care
  • Social worker on staff
  • Academic tutoring
  • Resources to pursue hobbies
  • Organized sports and activities
  • Annual vacations and trips
  • Opportunity for higher education
  • Independent living program